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Decentralized Cross-commodity Energy Management

Research Project in COVID-19 times: 2nd Virtual DECENT Meeting on Pilot Integration

On Oct 17 and 18, 2020, we held our 2nd virtual DECENT project meeting. COVID-19 and the resulting travel ban clearly make it challenging for DECENT at the moment.

We are in the important phase of integrating all partner contributions. For that we had planned several implementation meetings on-site at the different partners that we cannot hold now. Nevertheless, we are doing the best possible and hold our meetings virtual.

We had great discussions on our blockchain-based energy exchanged market, prediction mechanisms, representative scenarios, data getting captured, flexibility management, AI-based prediction and much more.

We are looking forward to getting the pilots even more integrated to collect data that we can then feed into our policy-maker report. Then the project will be a full success, giving an overview on what IT can do to use energy even more efficiently in Local Cross-Commodity Energy-Sharing Neighborhoods.

Stay tuned and get in contact if you want to learn more or join our effort!

Dr. Marc-Oliver Pahl leads the Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Space team (S2O) at the Chair of Network Architectures and Services at Technical University of Munich. The S2O team works on new ways of taming the complexity of the IoT. The goal is making a joint orchestration as simple as writing a smartphone App. Challenges include security, usability, resilience, scalability, and performance. As second research topic he is doing teaching research focusing on developing new teaching methodologies, eLearning, and learning analytics. For his teaching related activities he received the prestigious Ernst Otto Fischer Award in 2013.

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