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Decentralized Cross-commodity Energy Management

Meetup – Autonomous Vehicles: Safety, Security & Privacy

On May 10, 2019, a meetup about “Autonomous Vehicles: Safety, Security & Privacy” took place at Technical University of Munich (TUM), co-organized by Marc-Oliver Pahl (TUM) and Dr. Hasan I. Akram (CEO of Matrickz GmbH).

Safety, Security and Privacy are highly relevant for DECENT, as sensitive data from customers needs to be collected and shared amongst each other and external parties in order to enable efficient cross-commodity resource sharing in a smart neighborhood.

In his talk Marc-Oliver set a focus on chances and challenges regarding user privacy in such highly connected environments.

Stefan Liebald is a scientific staff member, lecturer and PhD student in the S2O team at the Chair of Network Architectures and Services at Technical University of Munich (TUM). He received his Master's degree in informatics from TUM in February 2016. His main areas of interest are computer networks, the Internet of Things with a focus on data management, and teaching.

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